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Getting a Will from a Safe Deposit Box in Missouri

A couple of times each year we are contacted by someone who is trying to get a Will out of a Bank Safe Deposit Box.  They have the key, but are not “authorized” to access the box and remove items.  Normally this can be handled relatively simply.  A very short “Petition” can be filed in the…

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Is Probate Optional in Missouri?

Several years ago a potential client came in.  Dad had died several years ago, and Mom died a few weeks ago.  There was a will that said the the family farm went to the two children.  I started to explain to them the Probate process in Missouri, and they became very upset.  They did not…

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Missouri Probate – Reading of the Will

Occasionally we are asked about the “reading of a will” after a loved one has died.  While some lawyers may engage in this seemingly dramatic event, I never have, and I don’t know of anyone who does.  Insofar as I’m concerned it’s a Hollywood thing.  There is certainly nothing in Missouri Law that requires it,…

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