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Missouri Probate – Consents and Waivers

Many probate administrations in Missouri involve families who generally get along, and are in agreement as to the settling of their loved one’s estate.  When this is the case the administration of the estate in many aspects can be expedited and costs reduced by the use of documents generally called a Consent or Waiver, depending…

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What is a Statement of Account in a Missouri Probate Matter?

A Statement of Account is the Final Accounting submitted in an Independently Administered Missouri Probate Estate.  it contains Four sections.  The first simply summarizes the initial Inventory filed in the case – in other words, what the decedent left to be administered.  The second section is the “Settlement” – a detailing of all the financial…

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Missouri Probate – What is a Personal Representative?

In Missouri the term “Personal Representative” is the official designation of the person or persons, or entities who have been appointed by the Probate Court to administer an Estate.  The more common term is “Executor”, but that term is not technical used in Missouri.  The meaning is the same, as is the function.  It’s just…

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