Unusual Missouri Probate Matters

Missouri Probate – Don’t Sign if you don’t Understand

Monica came in to see me today.  She had signed a document a month ago consenting to one of her brothers acting as the Personal Representative of her Mother’s estate.  She wanted to talk to me because she was having second thoughts – basically she just didn’t trust her brother.  He has apparently made statements…

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Do Heirs Need an Attorney in a Missouri Probate Matter?

We get inquiries from time to time asking if we represent heirs/beneficiaries in Missouri Probate matters, and if it’s a good idea.  The answer, as with many things, is “it all depends”.  If the family gets along reasonably well and if the Personal Representative is trustworthy and efficient, then there is little need.  Obviously, the…

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Missouri Probate of Older Estates

From time to time we are contacted by someone dealing with some sort of money, real estate, bank account, or other property that should have been probated, but for whatever reason was overlooked.  This could be because the asset was recently discovered, or perhaps real estate was not titled as was believed, or simple procrastination.…

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