The Public Administrator in Missouri Probate

In every county in Missouri there is an elected official known as the “Public Administrator”. In smaller counties this may be only the elected official carrying out all of the duties. In larger counties there is a full time staff. The Public Administrator’s role is not commonly known until you need to become involved, but…

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Missouri Probate Law – the Statutes

Want to see the actual Missouri Probate Statutes?  Insofar as decedents’ estates are concerned,  it is contained in three Chapters of the Missouri Revised Statutes: Chapter 472 – General Provisions Chapter 473 – Administration of Decedent’s Estates Chapter 474 – Intestate Succession and Wills Of course there are hundreds, if not thousands of Missouri Cases that have interpreted…

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Missouri Probate – What is a Personal Representative?

In Missouri the term “Personal Representative” is the official designation of the person or persons, or entities who have been appointed by the Probate Court to administer an Estate.  The more common term is “Executor”, but that term is not technical used in Missouri.  The meaning is the same, as is the function.  It’s just…

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